About Us


JEFF ROSENAU is founder and president of the ministry, Christlike Dialogue. For over 30 years, he has been teaching biblical principles to encourage and equip people to replace gossip and argumentative monologues with Christlike dialogue.

Prior to taking this journey, Jeff was a political activist with a bend towards fighting about the issues. But God showed him the need for dialogue, and the need to focus more on the relationship than the issue. In the process, Jeff came to understand that conflict offers opportunities to persevere in love for people, despite differences, without compromising truth. With those new insights, Jeff began to prepare others to intentionally initiate dialogue with people of opposing views and engage in honest conversation that is honoring God. To hear more of his story, go to https://christlikedialogue.org/how-to-disagree-respectfully/

CANDY ROSENAU joined Jeff at Christlike Dialogue in 2014, following a career in education. She is passionate about people engaging in meaningful conversation. She is blessed to practice her gift of hospitality, along with her teaching, counseling, and mediation skills, as Event & Hospitality Coordinator for Christlike Dialogue.

Jeff and Candy live in Centennial, Colorado where they enjoy time with their family and friends.