Are You Tired of Divisive Conversations? Are You Ready to Protect and Restore Relationships?


Let’s face it – there is nothing more frustrating than having a differing opinion and attempting to have a civil dialogue about it, only to feel like the conversation devolves into divisive political discourse, bombastic social media posts, or tense conversations. And nothing is more discouraging than wanting to share your heart or perspective – only to be met with defensiveness and anger, leaving you neither feeling heard nor understood.

You know that you should be involved in conversation that is honoring to God and communicates His truth. 

And yet, something’s not quite working.

Somewhere, somehow, things get derailed. Your conversation takes an unpleasant turn.  Defensiveness, gossip, assumptions, quarreling, stereotyping, eye-rolls and apathy.

It is all so disheartening.

You’re not alone.  Ask anyone about their experience and you’ll hear reports of divisive conversations, “unfriended” friends, tense communication, broken relationships, and politicized assumptions.  

But engaging in Christ-honoring dialogue is a game-changer.  Christlike dialogue not only leads to conversation where people feel loved, respected and heard;  it is the key to life-giving, soul-nourishing relationships, regardless of whether you see eye-to-eye on the issues of life.

“The truths taught in Christlike Dialogue have taken me and many in my church family from debate to dialogue, from focusing on the issue to focusing on the relationship, from giving up on people to enduring in love for people, from trusting in ourselves to trusting in the Lord.” 

– Rick Haluszka

Associate Pastor, Cornerstone Community Church, Billings, MT


 We want you to experience conversations that lead
life-giving, soul-nourishing relationships.


Since Jeff first started teaching biblical communication over 25 years ago, he’s published books, taught through seminars, conferences, retreats, and Bible studies, and has provided leadership training for church leaders, educators, attorneys, business leaders, and ministry organizations.

Candy joined Jeff in 2014 where her gifts of hospitality, teaching, counseling, and mediation are an asset to her event management role for the ministry.

While they strive to lead by example, it hasn’t always come naturally.  Prior to taking this journey for himself, Jeff was a political activist with a bend towards fighting about the issues. But God took him aside and showed him this need for dialogue, focusing more on the relationship than the issue.  Out of his own growth and deep study of the principles behind conversation that honors Christ, Jeff and Candy began to train others on how to replace gossip and quarreling with conversations that glorify God.

And that’s what Christlike Dialogue is all about. Redeeming the conversations between spouses, neighbors, co-workers, and those varied encounters we have each day, with the ultimate goal of representing Jesus well in spreading God-honoring conversation throughout society.  

“This teaching has enabled me to change from being a “Dictator”, to a father motivated by love for my children.”


Imagine a society that elevates relationships over opinions.  Where conversations conclude with people  feeling respected and heard. Where people are known to be talked with rather than talked at.

  • Intact relationships would be protected.
  • Broken relationships would be restored.
  • People would feel heard.
  • Unity would be more prevalent than division.
  • Gossiping and quarreling would be discouraged and not enticed.
  • Social media would not be marked by unfiltered opinions without regard for the person.
  • People would experience deeply connected relationships as we become better listeners.



A course in communication that holds the keys to
experiencing life-giving, soul-nourishing relationships.

If you are someone who is struggling with tense conversations and strained relationships due to the divisive climate so pervasive in our society; or if you simply want to improve your communication in order to deepen and strengthen relationships, then Christlike Dialogue holds the keys you need.

In this course on Christlike Dialogue, you will hear a variety of conversations between people with differing views. There are conversations between a dad and his son, spouses, co-workers, people of different racial or cultural backgrounds and religions, plus conversations on hot topics such as abortion and homosexuality. This course demonstrates an example of the damage caused when we don’t listen, followed by an example of the power of listening to produce positive outcomes.

You will learn to:

  • Represent Jesus well through the words you speak to people with differing views.
  • Distinguish the principles of communication as modeled to us by Christ.
  • Communicate grace without compromising truth.
  • Discern your motive; is it to be “right”, or to do right?
  • Persevere in love for people, despite differences.

We are so confident that you will be blessed by the material in this course, that we will give you a full refund within 60 days of purchasing the course, if you are not convicted of the need for putting into practice the biblical principles we teach in this course.

Are you ready to strengthen your relationships and be an instrument of redeeming conversations that this society desperately needs? 

“I heard Jeff speak at Denver Seminary. His words were uniquely uplifting and challenging. His books carry the same weight of biblical wisdom and insight. I cannot tell you how often I have drawn upon these resources when I communicate with people, especially in the most difficult of interactions. Christians are given a better way to engage in conflict, a way that honors people and shows them the love of Jesus Christ.”

Blake Burget

Lead Pastor, Calvary West Littleton Church