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Church Training
Church Training
Training can be customized to meet the specific needs of the congregation or organization. 
Our goal is to engage people with differing views in conversations that honor God in place of gossip and argumentative monologues.
The following are the titles of the 10 chapters of our New Small Group Study, 
Christlike Dialogue: Engaging in Conversations that Honor God
  • Jesus Didn’t Die for Us to Remain the Same (the need for Christlike Dialogue)

  • Seize the Opportunity (in the workplace)

  • Other-Minded Listening (in marriage)

  • Seek and Speak the Truth in Love (regarding abortion)

  • Grace, Truth, and Tolerance (regarding homosexuality)

  • Focus on Christ’s Interests (with non-Christians)

  • Trust God with the Outcome (regarding Islam)

  • The Meek Surrender, but Never Lose (in the home)

  • Persevere in Love, Despite Differences (regarding race and politics)

  • From Debate to Christlike Dialogue (by applying the Guidelines)

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Seminars/Speaking Engagements
Disagreements are part of life. Whether it’s a family struggle, controversial political or social concern, differing views on race or religious beliefs, controversy occurs in the home, church, community, and workplace. How can we respond in ways that glorify God?

By attending this life-changing seminar, you can learn to:

• Embrace conflict as opportunity 

• Persevere in love for others, despite differences, without compromising truth

• Replace gossip and argumentative monologues with conversations that honor God

• Have p
eace in the midst of conflict

• Become part of the solution to the brokenness in America

If you are interested in hosting a seminar, or scheduling a speaking engagement, please contact us.


Dialogue Groups

One of the goals of our ministry is to encourage and help equip people to engage in Christlike dialogue via Dialogue Groups. Our desire is to multiply what we refer to as Groups of Eight people who come together to talk about topics that most people don’t want to talk about such as race, religion, and politics.
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